Frequently Asked Questions

What's the fastest way to get notified of updates

Twitter. Follow @Fanficauthors for immediate automatic updates of all stories for all authors.

How do I get an author account at

Author accounts at are invite only.
Kinsfire has graciously agreed to take responsibility for all new authors.
This site is not, and never will be, a publicly available fanfiction archive. It was started by Jeconais and Crys as a place to hold their own fanfiction as other sites woblockquoted no longer do so. From there it has grown organically as we have invited authors we respect to join us. We are aware of other archives and we do read fanfiction as well.

Can I have the code than runs

Nope :)

Why not?

Laziness, really. I can't be bothered to document the code or explain the templating language, I certainly don't have the time to offer even the most basic of support, It's also not designed for a standard shared webhost. It has a couple of external dependencies (APC, iconv and libtidy mainly). Oh, and I coblockquotedn't be bothered to write an open version of the email class.

How do I get email alerts?

Use the account button on the navigation on any of the sites. Your username and passwords are shared between all the sites, so there is no need to register on every site.

I've found a bug. Who do I complain to and how do I complain?

If you've found a bug, please either use the contact form or the Yahoo!Group. If you get an Internal Server Error, please include all the text.

I've signed up, but never received an email. What's going on?

First check that the email address you signed up with is correct. If you type it into the email box on any of the "Register/Login" pages, and you are using a modern browser with JavaScript turned on, it will tell you instantly if your email exists or not. After that, check your spam folder.

Why doesn't do ...?

If you have a request for a new feature, feel free to ask about it in the Yahoo!Group.

Why can't I just sign up to be notified for everything?

I don't like sending out unsolicited emails. I have enough problems with some users marking legitimate emails they've requested as spam, as it is.

You guys shoblockquoted have a forum or something...

We did, but it was closed due to it becoming a ghost town.

Why have my email notifications been disabled?

You are using AOL and have reported our notifications as spam.

Why can't I change the font size?

You can, the options appear when you have logged in, under every chapter display page.

What are all these weird files, like .epub and .mobi?

The files available are all formats for reading on other devices, such as the Amazon Kindle, the Iphone, Android based phones, and other e-readers. For the iPhone/iPad, Stanza is recommended. For Android phones, give FBReader a shot.