Code update

Jeconais posted on Tuesday 11th May 2010 11:11am

First, apologies to all who sent me contact messages and had a severe delay in getting responses.  The emails were getting marked as Spam, and not being forwarded to the account I actually check.

Onto the changes.  I've fixed the Print bug that was making the page error out.  Fixed the problem with the alternaet style sheet not sticking.  Fixed the problem with epub generation.  First I didn't have the responses cached, and the clean up routine was failing - it meant a large mess on the file system that was causing problems.  I've tided the code that matches the url to the module, and while this has no visible effect to you, it means the code is a hell of a lot cleaner and easy to extend. 

Finally, when I started this version, I figured that as I was the only person writing the code, I wouldn't need branching in the SCM.  Large mistake, so, that's sorted now, which meant I could release some bug fixes without having to worry about the next large new feature.