Site updates

Jeconais posted on Thursday 6th January 2011 9:13am

Just released a couple of bug fixes and added this page.  One of the things is an update of all the site javascript, so hopefully the problems with font/colours/sizes not working is fixed.

Also started to emphasise the RSS feeds more.  RSS is the best way to get updates from this site - it's certainly the quickest. 

Emails are throttled, and are sent out at 2000 an hour, and with some authors having more than 12k users, that can be six hours before all the emails are sent.  There is also the fact that Spamhaus doesn't like the fact that we're hosted on Rackspace, and often mark us as a dynamic ip address - and as a lot of companies use their RBL, it means that mail servers start rejecting emails long before they can get filtered by your email client.

I'm going to reassign some of the site articles from my site to here, so there will appear to be a history.




fx posted a comment on Wednesday 29th June 2011 12:45am

Got an error when trying to subscribe to News rss:
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Korisovra posted a comment on Monday 27th June 2011 10:39am

Your page is no longer accepting visitors lol

Internal Server Error

Error: No records found

in /home/ at line 81

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#1 /home/ FanficAuthors->getImageById('8')
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millercommamatt posted a comment on Thursday 6th January 2011 12:40pm

Is there a master RSS feed for all updates?

Jeconais replied:

Yup - and